Meet Pastors                          CASZIE and DEBRA BENNETT

Caszie and Debra have served in several facets of effective church ministry together for more than 39 years.  While in college, Caszie at Oklahoma State University, and Debra at Oklahoma University, they both were instrumental in starting campus ministries while they attended each school respectively. They each were seriously involved in student government, receiving 1st-time National Awards etc. Married for 32 years, they have also been certified as marriage counselors through the State Of Oklahoma Marriage Initiative.


The Bennetts have served as Senior Associate Pastors with Richard & Marylin Hogue for close to 20 years.  Until recently they simultaneously served as Praise and Worship Leaders as well as working to strengthen all of the local church ministry leaders.

In the spring of 2004 when their families first met each other in church, they somehow knew that a great life-long friendship was being born. (Later they would discover that both Caszie and Richard graduated from the same high-school in Lawton Oklahoma.)


Although Caszie has shouldered the responsibility of being a top leader for some Fortune 500 Corporations, and business owner, nothing could have prepared him for this incredible life in the supernatural.  Recently the Bennetts have begun to walk in the gifts of the Spirit including prophetic dreams & interpretation, miraculous healing, signs and wonders as described in Biblical New Testament scriptures as part of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Caszie & Debra have 7 adult children and 11 grand-children so far, and can hardly wait to share what they are experiencing at this stage in life, with everyone they meet. 


As prophetic conference hosts and speakers and local ministry leaders the Bennetts believe and teach 'If you are truly hungry for more, then just ask!'

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